How to Make Someone Wildly Stupidly Happy

My friend just remarried after a very long time of being single. She met a guy she fell totally and completely in love with despite the fact that they live in two separate states. He had a health scare and the next day they went to get the marriage license and then GOT MARRIED.

She didn’t ask for everyone’s opinion or worry about the fact that she didn’t have a dress or any flowers. They didn’t send out invites. They’re in love. And they wanted to be together. So they went and pledged their love before God and the justice who married them. That was it.

And all I can think is how happy I am that she’s so happy.

Which puts me in the mode to celebrate. I’m planning a romance shower. A very small, very intimate evening of just the girlfriends so we can surround our friend with the love she deserves. We’re going to makeover her boudoir with gifts and goodies. We’re going to eat cake. We’re going to laugh and love on her.

And I know this…if you want to make someone wildly and stupidly happy, all you have to do is celebrate them.

Tell them what they mean to you. Show them with actions, not just words. Happiness is created and is born out of love. And that makes all of us wildly and stupidly happy…to know we’re loved.


The Wonder of “We”

He went bald.  I gained 89 pounds.

We made 3 miracles named Candice, Kelsey and Travis.

We went to church every Sunday, together.

We moved 13 times.

We had 5 dogs, 3 cats and a horse.

I fired my boss, tripled my income and got to come home and be with my kids.

We rehabbed 30 houses, before recycling was cool.

He was the realist.  I was the dreamer.

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The Most Perfect Wedding Shower Game Ever

There is nothing I abhor more than those stupid wedding shower games that you buy out of a book at the gift store or Wal-Mart.  They’re filled with word matches, word unscrambles and questions about the bride that you’d never know in a million years unless you were going to marry her.

They make me miserable.  I’ve even tried to go a little late to a shower just so I didn’t have to be subjected to the pain.

But last week I was a co-hostess.  That meant I had to get there early.  I was responsible for mailing out the invitations and for the “game”.  That meant I didn’t have to endure the stupid game.  I had to figure out how to make it ‘not stupid.”

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“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

My friend Stacey just formally announced her engagement to her beau Willy Nelson.  Now I know what you’re thinking but NO, it isn’t the country western singer Willie Nelson.    They’re planning a Christmastime wedding in a beautiful chapel nestled deep in the Ozarks of southern Missouri.  So what’s so amazing about this engagement?

Everything.  But mostly, because it’s love worth waiting for.

In a society where we get impatient waiting in the Taco Bell drive-through to get our double decker taco, waiting decades on love seems incredulous.

Willy and Stacey collectively waited half a century to write their own love story together.  You see, Willy’s 39 and never been married.  Stacey’s getting set to celebrate the big 5-0 this year and has been divorced for over a decade.  She’s raised 2 kids pretty much on her own and was committed to getting her babies raised before she allowed herself the luxury of love again.

Rare.  Even shocking in the 21st century.

Willy and Stacey were introduced to each other through a home-based business, the Body by Vi Challenge.   Stacey had nixed dating, even putting the thought of it out of her mind until her son had graduated from high school.    She hurried to work, to soccer, to the Mediterranean touring groups of seniors, to church, to the grocery store and back again.  There was never time to even sit down to think about love.

Willy had instituted a new rule of not dating anyone in his business, having been hurt by that before and so he put his head down and kept growing his business. 

Both hearts wanted love.   Both hearts deserved love.   And the heart knows what even the mind won’t allow.   Because the right love is worth waiting for.

Both had their guards up and were content to be business partners and friends.  What started as team members became business partners, partners became best friends and it blossomed from there. 

They continued to work together, noticing their skills complemented each others.  They were helping each other grow their businesses without realizing the amount of time they were spending together and doing things others would have considered ‘dating.’    After being asked by friends and team members if they were dating, it finally became obvious to them and they admitted to themselves they were falling in love.  They began dating as best they could, 2,500 miles apart. 

Yesterday, a full 12 months from their first date, Willy got down on his knee to ask Stacey to be his bride in Loose Park near the rose garden with a honkin’ diamond and a Body by Vi bag draped over his arm.  Her grown daughter Katie (whom he had asked for her blessing) was hiding in the nearby parking lot to hug and congratulate her Mom once it was official.

The engagement is official.  The wedding date is set.  Stacey and Willy are both breathless and giddy with their newfound love.   Their joy is contagious.   We’re planning an engagement party and anxiously awaiting an invitation to their winter wedding.   And most of what I know about this is…it’s a love worth waiting for.    My Grandma was right…good things come to those who wait.