Coaching Programs

Unstuck! Coaching:
You are stuck. Simply and utterly stuck and you’ve almost lost hope that your situation can be helped. Your mind is a mess and your emotions simply overwhelm you. This coaching program is for the time when every single day seems like the same and you are sick of living with less than you deserve. This is a get-off-your-butt and take action program, no whiners allowed. $1,500 (intensive 3-month program of coaching and support)
PS. This may hurt a little but you’ll thank me later.

LifeKeeping Coaching:
What to do when your life simply isn’t working. Set specific goals and together we’ll create a Lifekeeping Plan to help you design and live a life that you’ll love. This is 1:1 coaching. You and me. ($500/month Minimum of 3 months coaching) r

Your Beautiful Life Coaching:
Design your own beautiful life. Create a beautiful roadmap and work within a gorgeous community of women who are all working toward the same goal. This is large group coaching designed to inspire, motivate and work toward big goals and dreams. ($69 per month)

Fire Your Boss! Coaching:
For the career Mom who knows she needs to make a change (for the sake of her sanity and her family) and needs a place to get the support, the courage and a workable business plan for coming home. Motherhood and making money aren’t mutually exclusive…you can earn your cake and eat it too…at hone. ($595.00)

ReinspiredNotRetired! Coaching:
For the soon-to-be or new retiree who wants to put the big P (purpose) back in your life. Together we’ll create a Reinspired! Plan of Action that will get you excited and motivated to get up every morning and meet the world with a challenge. This is an especially good program for anyone who’s feeling isolated or alone and who knows there’s a bigger reason to exist than making it through every day. This program was inspired by Cheryl’s late father Richard Stroud who was a master carpenter turned writer. ($595.00)

Leverage Cheryl’s twelve years as a marketing consultant in ten different industries earning well into the six figures year after year. Learn what clients really want and how you can easily give it to them. Learn the two things you NEVER do in your own consulting practice and learn how to build a strong, sustainable business that doesn’t require your physical presence every single minute of the day. Application required. $4,800 (Six month program: $1,200 deposit, $600 per month for six months. 16 modules. At your own pace with monthly coaching calls with Cheryl.)


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