Is Kate to Blame for Her Topless Travesty?

I love Princess Kate. You know, Prince William the future King of England’s new wife, the most photographed woman in the world other than her deceased mother-in-law Diana. (I loved Diana too. We had a special connection in my mind. She married Charles 3 days before I married my own handsome prince Dennis day and her birthday was 3 days before mine. The power of 3.)

Princess Kate went topless. On a private estate in France. In the company of her husband. Who I’m sure sees her naked everyday anyway. But some paparazzi nut with an especially powerful camera lens documented the moment. Kate baring her breasts to her husband. So what.

Sunning topless must have a special allure to it. I’m not sure what it is, except maybe that she and William thought they were in an amazingly rare moment when they could play undetected. They live in a bubble, the world awaiting their every move, every breath. Is the afternoon crumpet Kate had 2 hours ago a baby? How many inches high are the standard nude color high heels she sports frequently? Has she worn this dress before…is it recycled or a fresh catch?

Imagine how prison-like their life must feel.

Imagine how once the fame wore off how nauseating it would be to be Kate. And Lordy be if she takes her sister anywhere then we’re gonna have another media storm. The Pippa and Kate dynamic duo.

But in this case, I think Kate’s to blame.

Kate is a responsible, confident woman who is in charge of her own body. And she has to know that there are vultures out there who would do ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, to photograph her in the buff. And now they’ve proven it.

If you’re the most photographed woman in the world, you don’t go out naked. Anywhere. Period. Unless you’re wanting or planning on seeing yourself on the cover of every lifestyle magazine in the world NUDE.

Take responsibility Kate. You took it off.

(And I still love you…I think you’re perhaps one of the best things that’s happened to the monarchy in a great long while.)


3 thoughts on “Is Kate to Blame for Her Topless Travesty?

  1. I guess I can’t really disagree, but it is so frustrating for me that we are a society that won’t let people be people. It just like having to watch every breath you breathe, you are bound to exhale when you should have inhaled….. 🙂

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