Why I Prefer to Live Without Booze

I never downed a beer in college.  Beer pong sounds like ping pong with a beer bottle to me.  Jagermeister sounds like a frightening version of Frankenstein.  I’ve never bought my friends a round of drinks or had an alcoholic drink with a friend.  I’ve never even sipped a glass of wine.

That’s right.  I’m square, straight and maybe even a wee bit uptight about alcohol.

My Grandpa died loving Schlitz way too much.  I remember the smell of him as I’d lean over to give him a kiss as a young girl…there were two smells I distinctly remember and they were beer and bologna.

My husband got blind-sided at his sister’s wedding.  He was drinking beer and someone else was adding vodka to his drinks without him knowing.  He came home sicker than a dog and slept alone (and vomited alone) that night.   (I’d taken our daughter’s home early to put them to bed.)   In fact, he spent most of the next day alone while I took my two baby girls to church.  Definitely not one of our happiest family moments.

My dear friend has 5 uncles who were alcoholics.  Her Dad spent most of his life taking care of them.

I dislike alcohol.  I wouldn’t use the word despise but I’m almost there.  I haven’t figured out why people want to spend the next day feeling bad from their good time the night before.

I know that I have one of those personalities that if one is good, ten would be better.  I can assure you that if I liked alcohol I would be madly over the top in love with it.  I would have to have it every day in order to function.  I would become “hooked.”

So I made a decision at around 14 years of age to abstain.  Completely and utterly to say NO to alcohol.  Not “I’ll have a sip” or “Let’s share a margarita.”  I said NOT AT ALL.

I walk around at parties (yes, I do go I’m not that big of a fuddy-duddy) with a Coke in my hand.  I’m 51 and only one person ever commented on me being ‘no fun.’  And I didn’t even like the girl anyway who made the comment.

I have a policy.  A way I live my life.  No, I will not condemn you for drinking or loving your favorite cocktail.  Just extend me the same courtesy.

KNOW THYSELF is wisdom of the ages.  Luckily, I knew myself at a very young age.

I knew alcohol wouldn’t make me better.  It would diminish me, tempt me, perhaps even kill me.  So I stayed away…now and forever.


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