Is it Ever OK to Say You Look Good?

Yes, it is.

It’s okay to tell yourself you look good.

God made you and he doesn’t make junk.

That doesn’t mean you have to go around telling everyone.  It doesn’t mean you have to send out Christmas cards saying “I look good” or post it on Facebook.  (Post that and see how many people unfriend you immediately.)  Plus, the people that already think they look good always post pictures of themselves anyway.  One young woman I know changes her profile picture at least 1-2 times a week.  She thinks she looks REALLY good.

My hubby took this picture (above) right before we headed out to celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary at Cafe Trio on the Country Club Plaza.  He wouldn’t let me post the one with him because he said he looked “too old.”  I think it was the red shirt and tie he was wearing or maybe his glasses.

Anyhow.  I’ve been working on the journey of looking good.  And the journey of feeling good.  I’m down 25.8 pounds in the last 9 months.   Seems like a long time but in that it took me over 20 years to get that big (207.4 pounds), 9 months doesn’t sound too bad.  Weighing in weekly at Weight Watchers and walking at least 6 days a week for 30 minutes.   Looking good comes with a cost.

I debated over the dress.  Too tight.  Too sexy.  Too…….everything.

I bought it anyway.

Drove around the TJ Maxx parking lot debating about taking it back.  Went to Kohl’s to look for something else.  Next to this dress, everything else in Kohl’s looked extremely FRUMPY.

Took it home with the thought I could return it if I got home and found something in my closet that looked better.  Hilarious.  My closet hasn’t seen a dress this good for almost 30 years, if then.    Kept thinking that anniversaries are about love, and romance and looking good.  Decided to keep the $29 dress.  (Yes, that’s right twenty-nine dollars.)

Now a dress like this takes ‘appropriate undergarments’ including a strapless bra and Spanx.   The dress itself is sprinkled with some type of spandex.  The brand is by Valerie Bertenelli and the tag raved of being in front of the camera her entire life and how important it was to feel good in what you were wearing.

When I walked out to show my hubby the finished product for the first time, his jaw dropped.  He’s used to a frequent combination of flip flops, pajama pants and oversized T-shirts.   This was WAY up on the fashion scale.  In fact, this may have topped my own charts.    I don’t think he uttered a word, let alone a complete sentence, for several minutes.  He liked it.  No, he loved it.

I felt it.  I felt his adoration, his mixture of lust and love and romance and amazement.  I felt like I’d done something magical.  I looked good.  I felt good.  Our anniversary dinner was going to be very, very special.

Confidence is the inner faith that casts an outer glow.  And that’s a beautiful thing.


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