Why You Have to Minimize The Monsters in your Head

I just got off an hour and 46 minute phone call with a friend.  Yes, I said 1 hour and 46 minutes.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked on the phone that long to anyone…not my children, not my husband, not even my best friends.  But, this friend has some monsters in her head going on.  And they were BIG ones.

We had to put them to bed.

They were threatening to eat her alive.

They want her time and her life and her heart and her soul and her home and her relationships.

They want all of her.

They want to consume her, to render her unfunctional as a human being.

And we are not going to let them.

So we talked it out.  And then we talked some more.  And we shared stories and tears and heartaches and mother wisdom and laughter.  And then we went in for round two with solutions and workarounds and bright spots and the miracles that surround us.    Then we cried some more.    And then we made plans for dinner next week.

But what is wrong you say?  I’m not going to tell you.  These things were told to me in confidence and they will stay that way.    Forever.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.  The monsters in your head.  Because you have them too…the only thing that’s different is that sometimes they vary in size and height and magnitude.  When you feed them…with your thoughts and your time and your energy, they get bigger.

They tell you that you don’t measure up and never will.   They tell you life will never get better no matter how hard you try.  They tell you that you’re weak and unimportant.  They fill you with rhethotic and banter.  They lie.  BIG FAT lies.

Because the truth is…you have everything it takes to silence them.  You have everything you need to succeed.

You are strong.  You are powerful.  You are important. 

You matter.

And the monsters know these things so they shout even louder in your head.   They’re scared to death that they’ll lose your attention at any moment.   Because the truth is, these monsters aren’t even real.  They’re works of the devil.  Illusions created by us to distract us from our life’s most important work.

We all have important work to do.  A purpose to find.  A passion to pursue.  A destiny to follow.  A family to love.  A beautiful life to live.

So what do we do to silence the monsters?

We face them.

We attack if necessary.

We tackle each challenge one tiny baby step at a time.

We seek wisdom from others who’ve walked in our shoes.

We reach out to someone who loves us.

Sometimes we have to hold someone’s hand.

Sometimes we have to cry.

We pray.

We pound the pavement with our feet on a good hard walk so to shake the monsters that live in our mind loose.

Sometimes we simply have to turn and face the monster all by ourself.  And it’s scary.

But it won’t kill us.

And every time we face a monster head on, he gets smaller.  His ferociousness diminishes.  He loses his fire.  We gain power and the monster loses his.   He goes away.  Begrudgingly.

Our strength is big enough to defeat these monsters that live in our heads.  Do not succumb to their wit or their cunningness.  They are evil.   They lie to keep us weak.

We will not be deterred.

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