The Wonder of “We”

He went bald.  I gained 89 pounds.

We made 3 miracles named Candice, Kelsey and Travis.

We went to church every Sunday, together.

We moved 13 times.

We had 5 dogs, 3 cats and a horse.

I fired my boss, tripled my income and got to come home and be with my kids.

We rehabbed 30 houses, before recycling was cool.

He was the realist.  I was the dreamer.

We made lots of mistakes, stupid decisions and missteps that cost us big.

He went to work every day, even when he didn’t want to.

We navigated soccer practices, piano lessons, hockey camps, sleepovers, dance recitals, church camps, school fundraisers, proms and homework.

We celebrated 3 high school graduations.

We married off two daughters.

We believed in each other.

We watched our son find his destiny.

We went to the beach and the mountains and the Grand Canyon.

We snuggled every night and knew what each other was thinking without whispering a word.

He dirt-biked.  I shopped.

We focused 25 years on raising good, solid kids.

We said hello to a grandson and good-bye to my Dad.

We made dinner, took out the trash and mowed the yard.

We dreamed big dreams, and occasionally lost hope.

We accumulated a gazillion things and then had to get rid of them.

We laughed and we cried and we hugged and we made love often.

When one of us was too tired or too weary to go on, the other one moved forward.

We said “I Do,” and meant it.

He has my back and I have his.  Love is our reason.

After 31 years, most of our sentences still start with “We.”

The true meaning of marriage.  Not you, not I,  but We.

This is a tribute to my soul mate Dennis who is also my best friend and my Prince Charming.

Today we celebrate 31 glorious years of marriage together.    I still do, for always. 



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