The Most Perfect Wedding Shower Game Ever

There is nothing I abhor more than those stupid wedding shower games that you buy out of a book at the gift store or Wal-Mart.  They’re filled with word matches, word unscrambles and questions about the bride that you’d never know in a million years unless you were going to marry her.

They make me miserable.  I’ve even tried to go a little late to a shower just so I didn’t have to be subjected to the pain.

But last week I was a co-hostess.  That meant I had to get there early.  I was responsible for mailing out the invitations and for the “game”.  That meant I didn’t have to endure the stupid game.  I had to figure out how to make it ‘not stupid.”

Katie is the bride.  So we filled the room up presents and 27 women ranging in age from 12 to 84.   I passed out paper and pens.  Then I asked Katie’s cohorts to share the number of years they’d been married and what they thought was the most important piece of information they wanted Katie to know about marriage.  And yes, you can play the game without being married.  But here’s the kicker…you could only have 6 (six) words.

Six words makes you think.  You don’t have time to write an essay or get all caught up in semantics.

The response was amazing.  I totalled up the years of marriage in the room.  356.

The marriage wisdom ranged from “stay crazy wild in the bedroom” to “love is patient, love is kind” to “always forgive each other” to “kiss often”.  Two of us rotated reading the wise words we gathered back to the circle of Katie’s friends and family.

I’m putting together a keepsake wall print for Katie for a wedding present of all the love she gathered during the 6-Word Marriage Wisdom game.   Which just goes to show you…if you get sick enough of doing anything that’s completely stupid…you’ll find a better way.

Feel free to use the 6-Word Marriage Wisdom game for your next wedding shower.  Then simply see if there’s an artist or graphic designer in the room who will put together the final print.   (You can even make prints for all the attendees and have the bride send them out as a thank-you note.)


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