What’s Your Main Mission?

You know.  Your life purpose.  Sounds big and huge and ominous doesn’t it?

It is.  It’s the reason you were sent to the planet.  You know, the why of your life.

Some people make it look so easy.  Like Oprah.  Or Tim Tebow.   They know exactly what they’re to do and they go do it.   Every single day of their life is spent pursuing their mission.  And then there are others, like my friends’ Dad who runs the century-old family farm.  Day in, day out he has a mission.  And he’s totally committed to it.

So how do you find your main mission?  You look at your life.  It leaves you clues all over the place.  You go deep.  You listen to your soul instead of the roar of the world.

My main mission is to spread encouragement.  EncouragementToGo, specifically.    Over a period of 50 years, I singled out what makes me amazingly and stellarly unique from everyone else and that is my cheerleader capabilities.  I want you to WIN at life.  I want you to LOVE your life.  I want to raise the pom-poms and yell V-I-C-T-O-R-Y  and have the marching band play your song.

Don’t you?

It’s taken me a long time to get to this place.  I spent 13 years working for “the man,” then another 12 running my own marketing consulting firm.  I made alot of money but quit when I started rolling my eyes (to myself) during client meetings.   While I was marketing, my husband and I built a real estate investment firm that plummeted to it’s own demise in 2008.  The last four years I’ve spent picking up the pieces of a failed real estate venture (to the tune of $2.4 million in debt) and picking up the pieces of my own personal meltdown.

I’ve had lots of missions in my life.  Some I chose, some that chose me.

Here’s the short list of my many missions:

Make the cheerleading squad (5X). Check.

Grow up normal after living in a dysfunctional family for the first 18 years.  Check.

Graduate from college.  Check.

Marry my high school sweetheart Dennis.  Check.

Raise a loving family (3 kids).  Check.

Write a book.  Check.

Live in an amazing house.  Check.

Pay off $2.4 million in debt.  (working on it – 96.2% complete)

Create EncouragementToGo (working on it)

Only in the past 4 months have I spent focused on EncouragementToGo.   It’s my own personal brand for women on the go designed to spread inspiration, motivation, revelation, attitude and spirit.  I’m a one-woman worldwide positivity movement.  My goal is to have a million members who my message impacts on a daily basis.

And this is right.  My tactics are simple.  I speak, write and create.  That’s it.  By doing these things, I encourage and bring joy.    My results are in the people I help.  My outcomes are people-based, not profit-based.    I have no doubt the rewards will come when I’m doing the right work.

So what’s your main mission?   Do you have one?

Don’t fret if you don’t know it.  Most people don’t.  A lot of people think being comfortable and secure IS their mission.  (I strongly oppose this type of thinking.)  Do not settle for sameness.  Dare to be you.

Richard Bach gives you a simple test to see if your mission in life is complete.  Here it is:  if you’re alive, your mission ISN’T complete.


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