Why Is It Important To Show Love?

Love is a funny thing.  You know it when you have it.  You can feel it even though you can’t see it.  It’s invisible to the human eye, just like faith.  So if you can feel it, why do you need to show it?

Love requires that we show up.  To show up, we need to show love.  I did this today in three tiny little ways…I took care of my grandson Max for two hours while his mama went to the Dr. to confirm her pregnancy (yeah!) and find out her due date.  I did 4 loads of laundry for my 21–year old college son while he was getting an MRI done on his hurt shoulder.   I called my dear friend Janece whose going through one of life’s most violent trials, simply to let her know I’m thinking about her.

All because I love them.

Showing love is the reason a man gets down on his knee and presents his soon-to-be bride with an engagement ring.  It’s the reason we hug each other and kiss and make love.  All those things show love.

You can’t really love somebody and show them nothing.  Love doesn’t work like that.  It’s why over 50% of marriages fail and why relationships fizzle.  We simply don’t show enough love.

Love doesn’t have to cost one red cent.   I think the best love is typically done through service.  Asking ‘how can I help you?’ without any thought of repayment.    It’s putting a good supper on the table or taking out the trash without whining.  It’s helping your husband unpack his motorcycle gear even when that’s the last thing you’d like to be doing.  It’s rocking a sick baby when exhaustion has overtaken you hours before.

Love is tangible.  You have to show it.  And it’s the best feeling in the whole wide world.




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