Does 96.2% of the Way Really Matter?

We’re almost to the top of the mountain.  The debt mountain.  We’ve eeked it out and paid off over $2,306,796 in the past 5 years…most of it from debt we incurred when our real estate investment company failed. 

That’s a big chunk of change.  More than some people earn in an entire lifetime.

So why does it still feel like we’re crawling our way out?

Why does the 3.8% ($93,204) that we have left feel like it’s going to be our undoing?

Why do I still feel so inept and defeated?

On the grading scale of any educational institution, at worst 96.2% would be an A-.  Even the most savvy student would take it.  It would help most GPA’s, not hurt it.

It’s still an F in my mind. 

We still have 3 real estate investors, 2 vendors, 11 medical bills, the IRS and 1 miscellaneous bill to pay.  18 bills that stand between us and total freedom.

So, what are we to do?

Keep moving forwardKeep tryingKeep doing what we’ve been doing for the past 5 years.  (It is working or we wouldn’t be at 96.2%.) 

Be proud of the fact that we didn’t take the bankruptcy that everyone and their brother advised us to do.  Be proud of the fact that we’ve struggled through the pain when it would’ve been inordinately easier to wipe the slate clean, walk away and start over.

Keep selling stuff.    Keep the faith.    Keep our heads held high.  Keep telling our story whenever it will help someone get out of or stay out of debt.

Keep growing and learning.  Read blogs like ManvsDebt and the MinimalistMom.  Read the Bible.    I’ve never really understood this verse “Consider it joy through trial” but I cling to it anyway.    Keep working. 

Keep deflecting the well-meaning comments for me to ‘get a job’ and ‘get on with my life’.    Keep expecting a miracle.  (They do happen you know, just look at any newborn baby or read the book of John for the 7 miracles that happened there.)   Keep building EncouragementToGo.

So is the grade an A- or is it an F?  Does it really matter.

We’re still climbing.  I’ll let you know when we bury our flag in the Summit.  We’re going to make it (and so are you).  It’s only a matter of time.  And yes, the answer is 96.2% of the way DOES matter.


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