What Will Your Story Be?

I just finished having lunch with my friends Terri and Mike and Mike’s Mother Carolyn. Yesterday they said a permanent good-bye to Mike’s Dad Bill. I’m writing the funeral program and over lunch we talked about Bill’s life and his loves.

Here’s a small tidbit from my initial musings: Time is a treasure…honoring the life of William Diehl

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

To honor your commitments is to honor God.

Bill loved his wife, his family, his church and his country. He celebrated a lifelong marriage of 56 years with his wife Carolyn. He was father to 3…Vicky, Mike and David, grandfather to 6 and great-grandfather to 6 more. He was the kindest, gentlest man you could ever meet. He loved woodworking, square dancing and playing games.

A steak and potatoes kind of man, he was no frills and no fuss. He served in the US Air Force for four years during the Korean War and spent XX years working as a _____________ at ________________.

Bill Diehl was a man of honor. His legacy stands on a foundation of God and family.

I still have a few blanks to fill in as you can see.

As I sit and reflect on Bill’s life after our lunch conversation, I find myself asking…what will your legacy be and who will write it?

Will it be personal and treasured, or will it be taken from a box of copy that can be duplicated 1,000 times at the funeral home.

Will it be you?

Because the truth is, no matter what the words say after you’re gone, you’re writing your own legacy right now. This very minute. And unlike Bill’s whose blanks are there because I simply didn’t know the answers, your blanks are there for you to fill in. You’re writing the story. Your story.

Will it matter that you were here? Did you live every day for comfort and security or did you stick your neck out on a few big things that might somehow change the world.

Did you take time for the people who really matter to you? Or were you simply too busy?

When you’re gone, who will care? What dent in the universe did the hyphen of your life make.

These are big questions. Only you know the answers. It’s your story. Write it well.

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