Using Money As An Excuse

I’m amazed how many people use money as an excuse. They hide behind it. They can’t do X…change jobs, travel to see you, join a gym or change the world because they don’t have the noney.

Money is a sorry excuse.

I’ve had lots of money and I’ve had little. Remember, I’m the one who lost everything I had at age 45 and owed $2.4 million. I had my lights turned off and existed by candlelight for 9 straight days. I left an ad agency when my 2nd daughter was a newborn and I was 28 years old and halved our income. Nothing changed. We went overnight from a collective household income of $70,000 to $35,000 so that I could come home and be with our babies.

I’ve learned that the lack of money is simply an excuse. An excuse for what? That depends on what you’re using it for.

I’m not saying that money is unimportant. It’s important. I like to eat and I like to buy things. I like to tip waiters and I like to drive my car. It takes money to do those things.

I’m not living in some imaginary dream world like I know many of my critics think I am.

Money is simply one form of currency. There are many forms of currency…energy, time, love, empathy that we use as human beings. It’s just that our society has prioritized money to the #1 spot.

Do me a favor. Quit using money (or the lack of it) to hide behind. Money is simply a tool. Use it for good.

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