The Lessons of Pain

Today I was sitting with my therapist discussing the lessons of pain. What are we to learn? Is pain life’s greatest teacher? Do we gather pain so that we can help our friend make it through theirs with less injury? Is it simply part of life? I don’t know the answers.

The conversation veered to my EncouragementToGo product line and why it was still living in the virtual world (my head, my computer and my catalog) instead of the physical world (in retail stores and women’s hands). Is this a dream I’ve created never to bring to fruition? I don’t think so.

The good Dr. asked me…do you want your children and grandchildren to someday say “oh, she was so creative!” Or do you want them to have your prints and cards up all over their house and to walk into a card shop and say “that’s my Moms stuff.” I replied the latter.

Every woman I know needs a tiny bit of EncouragementToGo.

My goal for the month is to get my EncouragementToGo products out of my own virtual reality and into my physical space. I’m going to create a showroom, complete with chandaliers and display my stuff for the world to see. Then, I’m going to get brazen and have my own gallery showing. Complete with real people and real food and a mini-speech. I’m going to sell stuff.

And here’s what I learned from myself following a one-hour session with my therapist.

“There is never a pretty way to feel pain. Pain is a mystery–life’s quirky way of teaching and preparing us for the future. Perhaps it’s to help another through…maybe it’s to prepare us for the next battle.

Whatever we are to learn is uniquely and eternally ours to keep. Feel the pain. Embrace the hurt. Honor your heartaches and live in the present, not the past. For these are the moments that lead you to the masterpiece of your life.”


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