How To Heal a Hurting Heart

I’m usually obnoxiously open about what I’m writing about. But today I’m going to be a bit secretive. My heart is hurting. It concerns one of my kids. I can’t talk about it yet. I probably will never talk about it on this blog.

We all have things in our life that hurt. If you’ve hit 50, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with a few piercing life issues. As I write this I have friends who are dealing with a son in prison, a friend whose husband has major life-threatening health issues, church friends whose 3 year old daughter just had brain surgery, and a newly separated friend who tried to commit suicide.

Personally, I’ve been sued by my own Mother, endured decades of emotional abuse and lost everything I’d ever worked for in my own financial failure. These are the things that matter. The things that strike fear and worry in our brow. These are the things that hurt our hearts.

Not what kind of phone do I have. What kind of car do I drive. How much money do I have in the bank. None of these things can solve the gut-wrenching topics I wrote about above.

So how do you heal a hurting heart? Where do you go when all you want to do is melt into a little bitty pile on the floor and wait for someone…anyone, to pick you up?

#1: First, you cry. You open up your heart and your soul to the raw emotion that tells you something is really wrong.

#2: Second, you lament. You open up to friends and your closest family and tell your story over and over and over again until the tears are all dried up. You assess every angle of what happened.

#3: Third, you ask this question…”do I have any control over this”. If yes, get moving and take action. If no, simply move on to #4 and #5.

#4: Fourth, you rest. Emotional turmoil sucks the life right out of your very being. You need energy to prepare for the fight.

#5: Lastly, you pray. God’s in charge. He knows what you need and he knows when you need it. (I just realized I actually got the order all wrong. Pray right after crying.)

My heart’s been broken pretty regularly over the past few years. Sadly, I feel like I’ve gotten used to torment and sadness. It goes against every mode of my being. I’m a joy-giver, an encourager. I don’t like or want sadness and pain to prevail in my life. So I’m going to fight it with every breath of my being. I’m going to wrangle this hurt with my whole heart and soul until it gives birth to a new day.

If your heart is hurting too, never give up hope. You’re not alone. A new day is on it’s way.


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