The 5th Detour of Every Overwhelmed Woman

This is the 5th detour in the series…The 5 Detours of Every Overwhelmed Woman (and why you have to steer clear of them).

Hiding in Smalltown — this is where we keep our personal talents and gifts hidden, almost secretly hoping no one will notice us. Then, we won’t really have to deliver on anything, will we? Almost every woman I meet is living smaller in some way than she should, thinking comfort and security are the most important ingredients to a good life, when the most important ingredient to a good life is following your passion.

To leave our place of overwhelm and live the life of our dreams, to really comnnect with the people that matter to us, we have to escape, to completely steer clear of these 5 detours that are waiting to derail us. We have to quit hiding, quit fretting, quit being busy. We have to start caring for ourselves and begin to allow our personal light to shine in the world.

To be the BIGGER you, you must remember…you are meant for joy, for glorious things. You are sacred energy. You are unique and special. You are meant to live BIG!


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