The Only Way To Learn Something New

“It is not enough to start doing something, you have also to continue, until you finish doing it.” -Remez Sassoon

The only way to learn is to do. You cannot replicate someone else’s success or experience someone else’s failure and keep it from your life. Learning is filled with lessons both good and bad. The world is an incubator for who you will become . Learn to ask questions, to take action, to falter and fail.

To learn well is to brush yourself off and begin again. To learn from the setbacks of life and use them to catapult yourself to success. Will you learn to live big? To celebrate? To become the bigger you and challenge the very things that you fear. To try things, to learn many things, to teach someone else, is to really and truly live.

I learned the silliest thing today. I learned how to embed a YouTube video into a Blogger blog. It was incredibly simple yet I’d been obsessing over doing it for a while. I didn’t succeed the first time. I went back and read the instructions (something the younger Cheryl would never have done).

If you want to learn, do.


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