What To Do About Evil?

My daughter Candice just opened her own hair salon in a small town called Lone Jack. She completely refurbished a 150-year old civil war home that hadn’t been touched in probably 30-40 years. She painted, polished and hung to her high hopes of creating a buzzing salon. She raked, mowed and spruced up the entrance to welcome her new clients.

The salon’s been open since August 20th, about 2 1/2 months. She’s mailed coupons, hosted a booth at the Lone Jack Civil War Commemoration and spent time meeting her neighbors and new friends. Many of her clients are over 80. The town needed Candice’s new salon called Millie B’s.

Before she even opened, she got a call from the other local salon owner basically telling her that she wasn’t welcome in Lone Jack. Today, she received a note on the door asking her to move two trailers that we have parked at the back of the property and telling her she can move her business out of town at the same time. Of course the letter was not signed. Cowards seldom reveal their true identity.

She’s discouraged. I’m mad. How dare these people dash her dreams? My 25 years in personal motivation and development tell me they feel threatened. Millie B’s is a threat. Candice’s friendly spirit is an even bigger one.

Toby Keith has a quote that says “the higher you fly, the bigger the target.” I told Candice to use this evil for good. To use it to let others know they’re welcome at Millie B’s and that she’s a welcome contribution to the community. I know there are good hearts in Lone Jack. I know not everyone is mean. Just so happens she keeps encountering the cowards and the maysayers.

So what do you do about evil? Use it for good. Turn the other cheek and keep plugging. Refuse to let the small-minded whiners and cowards win. The loveliest thing you can do for your own life is create something. Candice created a beautiful little boutique salon called Millie B’s. Send her one of your prayers today. Okay?


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