Are Curves a Good Thing?

I started a new journey yesterday called Fat2Fit50. It’s my way to challenge myself to lose almost 60 pounds before my 51st birthday. Somehow the 3 babies (my youngest son turns 21 next month), too many cokes, too many pizzas, too many celebrations, too many good times and a good deal of stress turned into almost 58 pounds over the past 20 years. (Did you notice a few excuses thrown in there?) My current weight is 207.4. I’m shooting for a solid 150.

Curves are a good thing. Fat isn’t. I’ve got curves and I’ve got 60 pounds of fat and I know the difference between the two. My husband loves the curves. I love my curves. I know that I can’t create my best life or my best work when I’m huffing and puffing up the stairs, getting frustrated each morning in the closet because nothing fits and wearing big clothes to hide my already too big frame. I know that my mission is to inspire and encourage women to be the best version of themselves.

That requires me doing the same.

Embrace your curves, love your femininity…it’s a lovely way to be.

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