I Owe It All To Drew

I want to publicly thank Drew Manning for inspiring me to begin this fat to fit journey. Without his Fit2Fat2Fit journey, my Fat to Fit journey may never have happened.

Am I a copycat? Perhaps. But I think that’s what Drew was actually trying to create. A revolution. An avalanche of massive action designed to improve every aspect of your life, beginning with your food and fitness.

I like to think of myself as an encourager who was divinely inspired by Drew’s ingenuity and passion for helping people. But why am I doing this for the entire world to see? Why am I willing to put my overweight frame on public display?

Because I’m a 50 year old, 58-64 pound overweight woman with little or no motivation to complete this journey by myself. I’m a fast-food junkie. I’d rather eat potatoe chips and dip than broccoli. I can’t remember the last time I ate an apple or an orange and I certainly don’t get in 5 veggies a day (I’m lucky to get one). I eat out at least 1-2 times a day.

I believe I’m more the norm than the exception.

I know there are other middle-aged women like me who look at Drew and go, “Wow! he’s a personal trainer who knows what he’s doing. Yeah, he gained 70+ pounds, but he’s got the skills to take it off and get in perfect shape again. He knows how to eat right and actually loves doing it.” That’s not me.

I admire Drew because he had the guts to do what others in the medical, health and fitness professions never thought about…walking a mile in the fat shoes. Knowing what it’s like to breathe hard while going up a flight of stairs. Partaking of the food buffet of life complete with corn dogs, Diet Coke and cinnamon bears.

How’s my journey different? In virtually every way.

I have no skills other than that I know how to walk, eat and drink water. I’m going to use Weight Watchers as my eating ally and my good ole’ tennis shoes for exercise. My magic bullet is going to be drinking water. That’s it. I have no specific passion for exercise or physical fitness.

I won’t be using any supplements. I won’t be performing any cleanses of any kind. I won’t even be taking any multivitamins. And I definitely won’t be drinking any protein shakes (I can’t stand them!)

Just good food. Thirty minutes a day of exercise (at least 6 days a week) and plain ole’ water.

I don’t have a gym membership and I’m not going to be getting one.

Fat2Fit50 isn’t going to cost me a dime, other than for food I’d already purchase. I will be spending $13.00 a week for Weight Watchers.

Reporting: I’m going to report my weight loss weekly from my Weight Watchers weigh-in and report my measurements monthly.

Why do I think my journey is as important as Drew’s? Because I’m a regular Mom and Grandma who is busy taking care of everything else, but my own health and weight. I’ve been married to my husband Dennis for 30 years and since we got married I’ve gained over 90 pounds. I’ve added a whole other person to my own body.

Just so you’ll know my current status on things, I’ll give you the rundown.

Vices: I’m currently a Diet Coke junkie. I drink at least 6-8 Diet Cokes a day. During this journey I’m going to try to cut it in at least half. (I think this may be one of the toughest parts of my Fat2Fit50 adventure.)

Personal Stats:

Height: 5’6″

Neck: 15

Bust: 46

Waist: 39

Hips: 45

Legs (upper thigh): 26.5 (Left) 27.5 (Right)

Weight: I’ll report tomorrow from my Weight Watcher’s Weigh-In

Clothing Size: XL/16

Medications. I take no medications.

Blood Pressure. Currently 120/77.

Energy level. High. Even with being obese, I’ve been blessed with an extremely high energy level. I anticipate that it’ll get even better as I work off the fat.

Alcohol. None. I’ve never felt that alcohol did any good for the world so I won’t have to abstain from this one. I already do.

Smoking. None. I do not and never have smoked. Thank God!

Family support. My family are all fitness buffs. My high school sweetheart husband Dennis loves working out and weightlifting. My daughter Candice has just lost 35 pounds on Weight Watchers and is one of my biggest inspirations. My daughter Kelsey loves to workout for fun. Just two weeks ago she tackled a Survivor class at her local gym that was 4 insane classes completed back to back. My son Travis is a US Army ROTC cadet/college student and is a fitness fanatic. Everyone in my family has it all together in the health and fitness arena. Everyone that is but me.

Currently, I don’t do any unless you count the long flight of 19 stairs into my home exercise. I like air conditioning, TV and hot baths. Sweating is not something that I have an affinity for.

Water: I’ll be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day.

Sleep: I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Birthday: July 4th, 1961 (I give you this info because it’s a somewhat target on my Fat2Fit50 journey)

So you see, I’m simply a Midwestern woman who knows it’s time to take action. I don’t want to end up 100 pounds overweight and that’s where I’m headed if I keep it up.

Join me if you can. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

PS. One last thing. I want you to know why I chose Fat2Fit50. I’m fat. I’m going to be fit. And I’m 50 years old. Simple huh?


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