When Should You Redecorate?

We’re living in a beautiful time of creativity, inspiration and passion. There are bloggers like me who never attended interior design school who can communicate with readers and collectively we can put together rooms that wow!

The old way was ‘get a room done’ and enjoy it.

The new way is ‘constantly be creating’.

I love the new way. Every day becomes a hunt…a treasure waiting to be found. The new way is more like life, sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s all put together, sometimes it needs a total do-over. Sometimes we just need to shut the door and wait for another day.

So when should you redecorate? Daily.

Change the bedspread and have a whole new look.

Add a candle and create a warm ambience.

Declutter a cabinet and feel the ahhhhh in your soul.

Redecorating is your creative right. Every woman has it inside her. All you have to do is find it.

PS. Until I was 30 I’d never had anything but a white wall in my home. Oh, what a difference the decades make.


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