Shameless Sex and the Empty Soul

Sex is good. The problem is…we use it in the wrong ways. Advertisers use it to sell things (i.e. the Victoria Secret Angels). TV shows use it to gain audiences (Dancin’ with the Stars or Sex in the City.) Football teams use it to inspire the fans (the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders).

Sex is wonderful. Sex is what we use to populate the earth. Sex is the closest union of intimacy between a man and a woman. I believe God gave it to us to create a tiny bit of Heaven in our everyday, mundane lives.

Too many women give their bodies away like Kool-Aid. They throw their boobs and their vaginas around like New Year’s Eve confetti and then wonder why they feel empty and alone and sad. They meet the right guy and then wonder why they gave it away to all the wrong guys…except the right guy isn’t stickin’ around for used goods. Seconds…as my college age son likes to call them.

Call me old-fashioned. I am. I love it that I still believe in purity and virginity and romance. I still believe in first love and a spiritual connection between a man and a woman. Shameless sex brings an empty soul. You can’t give yourself away to multiple partners and still feel whole yourself. It creates a gaping hole…in your heart and your spirit. Sex requires the body, but it impacts the soul.

Keeping yourself pure for one man or one woman is enlightening. There’s no guilt or remorse. There’s no ‘if only’s’ or ‘I wish’. How do I know? Because I did it. I’ve been with the same man for the past 36 years…married to him for the past 30. True love, like meaningful sex, never gets old.


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