How To Start A Business While You’re Still Working

This is what I call “straddling the fence.” You know that you want to be home with your babies but you have to keep your job’s income long enough to make a transition into your new work-at-home career. It’s possible, but it’s not easy.

The first thing you have to do is know your business. Can you work it on your lunch hour? Can you get up at 5:00 am before the babies need to be fed and the lunches need to be made? Do you have the patience and the sanity to do both?

You may not have a choice. You may have to do both, at least for a while.

Keeping a roof over your family’s head and food in their belly is important. There are ways to do it. I didn’t use the transition plan. I made a BIG BOLD leap and it worked for me. But it won’t work for everyone and in hindsight, I could’ve fallen flat on my face.

Before you tell me you HAVE to keep working your full-time job, I’d like you to figure out your REAL cost of work.

I talk about this alot. Very few women listen to me the first time.

If you’re making $2,400 a month, paying $480 in taxes and $900 in day care, your net take home pay is only $1,020. That’s before the gas you put in your tank to get to work, the lunches you eat out, the clothes you buy to keep up with your colleagues and the birthday parties you chip in $20 for when the hat is passed. That’s before the McDonald’s run 1-2 nights a week, the Starbucks you buy on the run and the convenience food you pick up at the grocery store because you’re too exhausted to cook.

Let’s say all that totals another $500. Your net is not $480. So, you don’t have to replace $2,400. You only have to replace $480. You’re simply shuffling money. That’s what most working Mothers don’t realize. You’re gain is $480, not $2,400 a month. And if you start your home business you’re also going to get tax breaks you never thought of before.

How to Start a Business While You’re Still Working:
1. Start logging your expenses down to the penny. What do you do because you work outside the home? Day Care? Fast Food? Make an entire list right now. Know your real cost of work and what you’re actually earning, not what it looks like you’re earning.

2. Start logging your time. How much time do you spend getting ready to go to work, dropping off and picking up kids at the sitter or school, running like a maniac to do it all at work and at home? How much time do you really get to be a Mommy?

3. Know exactly what kind of business you want to start and then experiment with it while you’re still working. Get help if you need to. You have to see if the business you choose has any traction. Can you make real money?

4. Ask for help. We all need a strong support system, especially when making a transition from work outside the home Mom to work at home Mom. Call your mother, your neighbor, your best friend. Don’t do it alone, you’ll fail. Guaranteed.

5. Find a cheerleader. You’re going to need a cheerleader while you make this transition. It might not be your Mom, your neighbor or your best friend. Often those who are closest to us are our most negative opponents. Or, they may simply not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’ll know a cheerleader when you find her.

6. Get set for success. Raising babies is tough. Being away from your babies on a daily basis is even tougher. Decide. Act. Celebrate.

You can do this. Being a Mom is the most sacred job on the planet. Creating a business of your very own is one of the most fulfilling projects you can ever take on. You can do both, and you can do both well. All you have to do is decide.

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