What’s Your Design Style?

Since I got married 30 years ago, I’ve gone from Early American garage sale to matchy-matchy design chic back to thrift store extraordinaire.

I’ve had rooms painted in every color from Bangkok Blue to Pepto-Bismol Pink. I’ve personally hauled more furniture than a Two Men & A Truck franchisee and know that no matter what size your home is, you’ll fill it up with stuff. Including the garage.

I’ve settled into what I call a respectable “eclectic” style…one that houses furniture I’ve rescued off the side of the road to the farmhouse table and upholstered chairs that I bought at the local design store for $1,100. My son’s ‘home from college’ bedroom is a stark simplistic while my master bedroom borders on country charm.

My friend calls my style cosmospolitan. My husband shakes his head.

I’ve got family pictures galore. Candles burning in every room. Less clutter and more functionality than I used to have. I’ve got an office in another closeby town but I seem to prefer my kitchen table. There are no green plants because I have a tendency to kill them. No silk plants because supposedly they upset the feng shui of a room (even though I’m not a follower of feng shui).

There are mirrors everywhere. A huge clock. Pillows with sayings like “no matter how far the seeds are sown, our hearts are drawn to home” and “life takes us to unexpected places, love brings us home.” I’ve got tiny pink polka dot pillowcases (on baby size pillows) in my master bedroom that shout my personal philosophy of “Spread Joy,” “Love Life,” and “Be Happy.” (I told my husband to bury me with those delightful pillows and he rolled his eyes.)

I’ve confidently and definitely decided that my design style is…ME.
Your design style should be YOU. If you love it, that’s good enough. It if takes your breath away, buy it. It doesn’t need to match or be ‘in style’. Your rooms don’t need to F-L-O-W and your paint colors don’t need to coordinate. Mix it up. Defy conventiality. Get away from boring brown and set your heart on fire with fabulous fuschia.

Because if your heart says yes, then no matter who approves or likes it, that’s your style.


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