What To Do With a Whiner

No, I’m not talking about your kids. I’m talking about your clients who whine.
Is it ever the right thing to do to ask a client to stop whining? No. Clients don’t even know they’re whining, they’re simply being clients. They want it when they want it for the price they want it.

You get to decide if they’ll get it that way.

The loveliest part of being a business owner is that you’re ‘in charge’. You get to decide who stays and who goes.

Timothy Ferris, author of The Four-Hour Workweek was a mental basket case while he was running his body supplements company. One day he decided he’d had enough. He fired the people who were constantly causing him grief. The majority of them were his clients.

His workload went down.

His profits went up!

Sometimes we have to get rid of the troublemakers…the whiners. Not only does this apply to our business, it applies to our life. The negative nillies fill us with worry, with angst, with their pain-in-the-butt attitudes. The negativity closes in. It grows like mold.

Sometimes you have to do the only thing you can do with a whiner…fire’m!


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