The Most Insane Reason of All Not To Work

I hear people who receive Social Security saying they don’t want to get a job because it’ll “limit their benefits”. I get this. It’s easier to sit on your butt and collect your Social Security check every month than it is to get up, dress up, make up and go out and make your mark on the world. It’s easier to walk to the mailbox every month than it is to go to work or start your own business.

But what is the cost to your mind, your body and your soul?

I’m convinced that retirement is man made. God gave each of us talents and pursuits and dreams that are part of our divine destiny. We’re never supposed to retire. The only thing is, some of us forgot them as we weaved our way through the life maze of jobs and taxes and doctor’s appointments and dinner. We got too busy with birthday parties and veterinatian appointments and retirement planning to take seriously the dream that’s buried deep in our soul.

It’s never too late. Never. We’re meant to expire doing and creating. We’re designed to use our wisdom for good.

Quit puttering. Quit waiting for the mail to arrive. Quit being comfortable and normal. Quit being average.

Surprise everyone and dust off your dreams. If that means going out and getting a job in a place you’ve never considered before, do it. If that means starting a business using some of your hard-earned cold hard cash, do it. If that means volunteering your talents or deciding to go against the flow of what everyone else is doing, do it.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It matters how courageous you are.

Hitler wanted to be a painter. He attended Art and Architecture school. He defied his destiny of art and instead created one of the most hellacious holocausts our world has ever experienced. It was easier for him to create World War II than it was for him to fulfill his God given providence. (Source: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield) Hitler worked, he just worked on all the wrong things.

Allow yourself to let that tiny little piece of hope well up in your soul again. Dare to finish the sentence…”What if…” Be ready to fail. Because providence and destiny are built on the rubble of broken dreams.

Just don’t let the TV and the recliner be your excuse for not fulfilling your special place on this planet. Don’t let the pittance of Social Security you receive be your insane reason not to work. Don’t let your age be an excuse not to try.

Age doesn’t matter. You have a job to do. Get busy.


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