Why I Loved Today

Today was an uneventful day.

I bought paper towels without freaking out (even though I price shopped them at Target and ended up buying them at CVS). I filled up my gas tank even though it still had half a tank. We had Sunday supper out with our kids. We went to the pumpkin patch with my grandson. I took a 2-hour nap.

What was amazing about today was that I didn’t fret about money. Not once.

I felt the chill of the almost Halloween weather. I sang at church. There were no deadlines, no important meetings, no bills to pay.

Ahhhh, the sanctity of Sunday.

What was beautiful about today was that for the first time in many years I felt at peace. Money didn’t enter my thoughts. I didn’t obsess how we’d make it through the week.

I didn’t worry about tomorrow. I thoroughly and contently made peace with today. Thank you God.

The financial comeback is brewing…I can feel it.


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