What The Male Gurus Won’t Tell You that Every Woman Entrepreneur Wants To Know

I love examining the differences between men and women in business.

Women speak of passion and pursuit and of living their dream. Men talk about…cold hard CASH. If it doesn’t make them any money, they simply don’t do it.

Women on the other hand toil and stress and would virtually go without eating to make their dream business a success. I’m not saying it’s not good to be passionate, I’m saying if it’s not making you any money and you call it a business, then you have to decide when and if to stop.

Men will call their business “worldwide” even when it’s a chair and a desk in their basement. I used to have a Freight moving client that called his operation “XXXXX Worldwide.” I marveled that he felt qualified to call it that. There wasn’t anything worldwide about it, except he occasionally moved some freight into other countries.

My marketing consulting firm generated solid six-figure income over a period of years. However, I still worried that someone might find out I was working from home. Unbelievable.

Men have no trouble calling themselves the CEO or the President. Women rarely throw titles around.

Men are better at delegating. Women try to do it all.

3 Lessons the Male Gurus Won’t Tell You That Every Women Entrepreneur Needs to Know:

Lesson #1: Don’t worry, make money. Money is an important indicator of success and results.

Lesson #2: It’s okay to look and act bigger than you actually are. Coca-Cola only sold 9 bottles of Coke their first day in business.

Lesson #3: Get help. You can’t do it all.


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