Would You Have The Guts?

Finished reading Stephanie Madoff Mack’s new book “The End of Normal” in one sitting Saturday. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.

Stephanie is the 34-year old widow of Mark Madoff who was left agonizingly and sadly alone with her two babies to raise when he killed himself to rid himself of the pain of his father’s legacy.

If you still don’t get who she is, she is Bernie Madoff’s daughter-in-law. Bernie Madoff, formerly the King of Wall Street, is now serving 150 years in federal prison for bilking $65 billion (yes, that’s with a b) off his investor’s.

Why did I love this book? Because Stephanie got real. She told the truth. She took her pain and put it into something worth fighting for…her and her children’s futures. She gave a voice to a man who had lost his (her husband Mark). She showed great courage and hutzpah in the face of lawsuits, threats, pure emotional meltdown and family calamity.

She had nothing…yet she had nothing to lose.

She stood up against the monster of a family legacy that Bernie Madoff himself had created. She watched her entire world fall apart, yet she refused to quit.

Would you have the guts to do the same? Would I? If everything you knew to be true was told to be a lie this very day, would you be able to go on? What would matter?

Women like Stephanie make the world a better place to be. They defy evil. They look for good. They don’t profess to be Wonder Woman or Mother Teresa. They fall down into heaps and crawl and scratch their way back into an upright position.

Read the book. The woman is worth knowing. She’s lovely inside and out. What she stands for is downright captivating.


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