What Does a Well-Lived Life Look Like?

I attended my friends’ Dads memorial service yesterday. He was 75 and died watching Monday night football and reading the Wall Street Journal. Two of the things he loved most in life.

I watched as his 5 children shared their most poignant memories of life with their Dad. I kept hearing the same words…relationships, people, God, joy, happiness, sharing, cooking, travel and Kansas City Chiefs. They seemed to reverberate throughout every single person’s words without ever being said exactly the same.

The grandchildren shared. His grandson exuberantly and without tears said “Grandpa, you were a great Grandpa. I’m gonna miss you so much. You taught me how to fish, how to watch football, how to treat a woman by watching how you treated my Grandma.”


My 20-year old son leaned over to me during the service and said “Now that’s a man who knew how to live.” Which got me into my writer mode thinking…what is a well-lived life?

What will they say about me when I’m gone? My son filled that one in with he’s going to host a parade and throw candy and have Kansas City’s most famous marching cobras band lead the way. Whatever.

What is a well lived life? Ken Zagnoni’s life was a well-lived life. This is what it looked like.

The Well-Lived Life

When you spend your time working on relationships, making people smile and when your children and grandchildren not only love you, but respect you, that is a well-lived life. When you bring meaning to many simply by being who God designed you to be, that is divine. When you make people your purpose, your passion and your pursuit, life takes on a beauty that radiates like the sun. Life is messy. Bad things happen. But when you wake each morning focused on God and His glorious goodness, each day becomes a reason to celebrate. May the well-lived life be a light to many, a gift to the generations and a legacy to follow. Few complete the travels this magically. It is a journey worth remembering.
The Well-Lived Life is Copyrighted 2011 Cheryl Thompson, EncouragementToGo™

Thanks Ken for sharing your well-lived life with us. I could only hope to do as well.


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