Do You Know What Time the Mail Comes?

If you know what time your mailman comes, then you have too much time on your hands.

Getting the mail isn’t an event to aspire to, it’s a daily or weekly chore. I only get my mail once every 7 days. Probably drives my mailman crazy. But the point is, 90% of all mail is negative or junk and getting it out of the mailbox every day isn’t isn’t changing the world for the better.

I like getting the mail. Yesterday, I got a invitation to my grandson’s 2-year old Mickey Mouse birthday party. Now, that was worth getting the mail for. The rest of the stuff was unimportant or totally useless.

Allow yourself a one week trial of NOT getting the mail. Try it for just one week. Don’t get the mail, and then go get it all at once. It’s alot more fun.


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