What is a Homemaker?

A homemaker is a person who brings the heart to the home. She is the coordinator of events, the maker of meals and the caretaker of children.

She makes magic happen within her four walls…they are her kingdom, her talk show, her creative incubator. She is the CEO and the janitor, the top chef and the cake boss.

She sings, she sulks, she dreams and she organizes. She gets overwhelmed with clutter, with responsibility and with endless errands and laundry. She fixes boo boos, broken hearts and can makeover virtually anything including herself.

A homemaker works without acclamation or proclamation…without a paycheck or an annual review. She is heart and soul…designer and duty maker. She fills longings with listening, rooms with function and lives with love.

A homemaker is a purposeful manager who keeps it all together. Her rewards are measured in smiles and hugs…kisses and happiness. A homemaker is a work of the he(art).

Copyright 2011 Cheryl Thompson, Encouragement To Go


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