Life Gives Do-Overs

Age is a funny thing. We begin to think that who we are today is who we are always going to be. It’s not. Who I am at 50 is a distant replica of who I was at age 30. What’s changed? Me.

I’ve had experiences that have transformed who I am and what I like. I have different goals today. I’m doing less and being more.

I know that having my husband as my best friend after being together for 36 years (married for 30) is better than winning the lottery. I’ve raised 3 kids and have learned that they are teaching me as often as I’m teaching them. I know that being a Mother is a lifetime event.

I’ve become a Grandma and look nothing like the Mother I was at 25. I never scream and I take time. Max is my joy, my tiny bit of Christmas that shows up 365 days a year. I never feel like my nerve endings are located on the outside of my body like I did while I was raising kids.

I’ve failed financially and am still making my comeback. I went from being a huge success in the world’s eyes to being a dismal failure. During this time, I’ve honed skills I never knew I had like perseverance and creativity and my ability to write. I still believe that a comeback is possible.

Professionally, I’m still deciding who I really am. Am I a marketing consultant, a professional blogger, an information-marketer? Am I an author or a speaker or perhaps all of the above. Can I possibly do all these things and do them well. Time will tell.

I’ve become more tolerant and less judgmental. I listen more and talk less (even though I still talk a whole heckuva lot). I laugh often and treat people kindly. I believe every single word of the Bible and am amazed at how little I know about it, despite sitting in a church pew every single Sunday of my life.

The point of all this is…life is teaching. I’m still learning. Are you? Life gives do-overs. All you have to do is start.


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