Who Should Pay the Bills?

In the midst of our debt catastrophe, no one was paying the bills. Oh, one of us would step up when we saw a Shut-Off notice from the utility company, but most of the bills went piled and unopened. There were stacks of mail laying in every room with bad news inside and because we didn’t have the money to pay them, we didn’t want to know it.

We were in survival mode. We had to eat. We had to keep a roof over our head. That was all we could muster at the time.

Putting your head in the sand is no way to handle your debt crisis. We know that now. The best way to get a handle on where you’re headed is to know what you owe.


Only when we started paying close attention down to the last penny, did our situation improve. It didn’t get fixed overnight because it hadn’t happened overnight. It had taken us years to get into our mess, and it was going to take years to get back out.

Use a simple spreadsheet if you like computers. Use a notebook if you don’t. All you need to take into account is:

Who You Owe (i.e. Lee’s Summit Water) Amount (i.e. $49.28)

2 columns packed with so much information.

But what I started writing about was “Who Should Pay the Bills?” Whoever is least emotional at the time should pay them. Being in a debt crisis takes a huge emotional toll on the both of you. There are times when one of us felt stronger and braver than the other.

That’s who should pay the bills. Remember, this isn’t your life legacy and it isn’t going to be your entire future. While the debt feels crushing at this very moment, you CAN get out of debt with your soul intact. I promise.

We’re over 96% of the way to our goal of paying off $2.4 million. Come join us.


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