How to Get a Website for FREE

Every business needs it’s own website and I want to show you how to get one for free. Blogs (web logs) are the latest rage too and they can double as a website for your business.

I use 2 separate resources for my creations and they won’t cost you a penny.

If you are putting up an information site, it’ll cost you nothing. If you’re going to be selling things over the internet (which I’m adamant every woman who works at home needs to do) you’ll need to choose the E-commerce version which will cost you to upgrade.

Blog sites are typically free and you can use Blogger or WordPress. Blogs filled with good content (like this one) help your rankings on Google. You’ll get higher placement the better content you produce.

I’m a technical flat fire according to myself and my husband. Yet I’ve been able to build and maintain my own sites without help. If I get stuck, there’s Help on-line.

No computer, no problem. I met a woman who didn’t have a computer yet she wanted to start an on-line business. Every public library in America offers their computers services for FREE. All you need is a library card…and that’s FREE too.

We live in a technological boon time. Let’s take advantage of what’s available to us and use it to benefit our families.


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