How To Be Happy In Spite of It All

Ask any parent what they want their child to be and they’ll answer “Happy.” Ask most adults what they need more of and they’ll say “Money.” Will more money bring you more happiness? Will more happiness bring you more money?

I’ve had alot of money at times and it didn’t make me any happier than when I’ve had little. I’ve had little money at times and while I would’ve liked to have more, I’m still pretty happy.

Happiness is a decision. You don’t suddenly get happy when you get more. I believe we all have a happiness setpoint. My happiness factor is pretty high. An 88 on a scale of 100. I’ve tracked my own happiness. I have a simple system I call “The Happiness Factor” where I give every day a happy face, a sad face or a flat face.

Try it for a week. Give each day a rating. Don’t allow your happiness to be dictated by other people or by your circumstances. Some of my worst days still get a happy face. How can that be? Happiness is something you choose.

Stuff always happens. Choose happy. It’s a lovely quality.


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