The Beauty of a Simple Saturday

As I’ve simplified my home and my life, things seem more clear. I’ve cut out negative influences which include some people and added a few miracles (namely my grandson Max).

Today was a simple Saturday at home. It was so beautiful it felt worth writing about.

I began the day making pancakes and sausage with my almost 2-year old grandson Max. We bounced between the sunporch watching airplanes and the book box to read books. Then my daughter arrived and we headed to Costco and to wash her car. I sat with baby Max in my lap on the sidewalk as Candice soaped and rinsed the car.

Dennis arrived home from deer hunting. We headed to the garage to sort through my Christmas stuff and eliminate some junk. Mission complete we drive to the Baskin Robbins for an ice cream, drop off 4 boxes of Christmas decor to my daughter and deliver an old bike to the Salvation Army’s drop-off trailer.

Home to do a bit of cleaning. Scrub the linoleum floors, wash the throw rugs and vacuum. All is in place.

Start dinner…spaghetti, french bread and italian salad. Dennis browns the meat while I put the salad together. Candice and Max arrive again (Candice’s husband is military and works nights) to feast on Italian with us and we struggle through dinner as Max decides he’d rather go outside.

Talking in the living room watching Max mesmerized with a bug on the porch, playing with bath pigs and sucking on a tootsie pop. Kiss my two babies good-bye and Candice and Max head for home again. It’s just Dennis and I.

I head to the bathtub, Dennis heads to watch baseball (which is my equivalent of watching paint dry). I’m a bit bored so decide to take a walk and then finish off the day with two episodes of ‘Til Death.

Bedtime by 10:00. On a Saturday. There’s a part of me that says I should be out dancing, filling my life up with activity, staying out late. That’s the old Cheryl.

The new Cheryl is looking for more contentment, for peace, for family and for simplicity. I love my home. I love the simplicity of this Saturday.

I love fall weather and the sticky little kisses of my grandbaby. I love spending time with my hubby and daughter and I love the feeling I get as I continue to declutter my life.

I love the 3 baby pumpkins I bought at Wal-Mart for $2.98. I love the chocolate-chip cookies Dennis made for me while I watched my sitcom and I love the fact that when I lay my head down on my pillow, I feel calm.

Maybe life really is that simple.


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