What This Blog Is NOT About

Sometimes I take for granted that my readers know exactly what lessons or pain I’m talking about when it comes to being overwhelmed with debt. That it’s exactly the man or woman whose in a debt crisis and is physically, mentally and spiritually hurting that will find me. I know there were days when I would have given anything to have someone to empathize with my pain.

I longed for a number that looked like this: 1-800-DEBT-CRISIS (no, don’t call it, it’s not an actual number.) This is that place for you to get your footing again and gather momentum. I’m focused on helping you get out of debt as quickly as possible and make a financial comeback.

Which brings me to why I write about the lessons I learned from being in debt and the things that I can’t help you with.

I can’t help you with:

Selling everything you own so you can live on a farm and grow your own food
Building wealth or getting-rich-quick
Finding resources to declare bankruptcy successfully so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible

It’s not about 401K’s or retirement plans. It’s not about how to improve your credit score (although there are and will be some applicable posts related to this topic). It’s not about how to find a stockbroker or get the right insurance. It’s not about personal happiness.

Life After Debt Lessons is for anyone committed to getting out of debt without declaring bankrupcy, getting divorced or going insane. Our journey out of $2.4 million in debt taught us some unparalleled lessons and gave us some war wounds and scars we’d rather not even have.

Climbing out of this hole of debt gave me an empathy and a compassion I never had before. I gained a mission on how to help others climb out too.

Grab my hand. I can help. We’ll make our financial comeback together.


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