5 Ways To Feel More Womanly

As a young woman, I felt especially feminine and girly. Date nights included 3 hours of solid preparation including hair curling, make-up, perfume and multiple outfit changes. Everything had to be just perfect.

Being a woman is a gift. It’s something to embrace on a daily basis…not simply when you’re invited to a special event. One of my previous business associates told me when she was to give a large presentation or had something to do that was scary, she wore extremely lacey and racy bra and panties. She said it gave her the edge, a secret that only she was aware of.

I smiled. I knew exactly what she was talking about. We need to luxuriate in our femininity. We need to beguile as only a woman can do.

Here’s 5 lovely ways to feel more womanly:

#1: Quit rushing. Take a long leisurely shower or fill the bathtub with bubbles and take your time. Shave your legs and sip a soda from the edge of the tub. Slather on the moisturizer and slip into a white bathrobe. Very spa-like and very soothing.

#2: Wear perfume. Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck might be the perfect new fragrance to try.

#3: Slip on a pair of killer high heels. I bought a pair of leather zebra high heels at a garage sale last Saturday for $3. Can’t wait to wear them. Don’t tell me you can’t wear high heels. My Grandmother was buying gold beaded stilettos at 73, and she grew up on the farm.

#4: Cherish your loved ones. Nurturing is something most women are experts at, yet we seldom recognize this special gift. Call your daughter with an “I love you” or jot off a handwritten note to a special friend (not an email, they don’t count). Oprah categorized her relationship with her friend Gayle King as the mother she never had, the sister she didn’t deserve and the friend she so respected. How many of us can aspire to a description this complete?

#5: Make an appointment at the salon. There’s something about the salon that is so completely energizing. Gossip, buzz, smiles, trinkets and baubles and a really good style can cure most problems, at least for a little while.

Being a woman is a lovely endeavor. Spread it around.


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