3 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Kids

Being a Mom is a sacred mission. It’s also enough to make you pull the hair out of your head and rip your fingernails out. On one of my especially bad days of Motherhood I went looking for the door to turn in my Mother badge. I couldn’t find it. (Figures.)

Motherhood is mostly messy. Yet kids need only two really important things from us. The first is love. The second is time. Just about everything else will fall into place if they have these two.

We tend to complicate our lives. Being a good Mom becomes a quest for perfection…in keeping up and measuring up. Giving up seems to be the best alternative in those ‘can’t do it all’ moments.

When you’re overwhelmed and overworked, just remember…they need my time…they need my love. That’s it.

Here’s 3 simple ways to connect with your kids:

#1: Be silly. Kids love fun. Fold socks and throw them at each other. Let the kids make a crazy mustache on you with the cake batter. Go outside barefoot and stomp in the puddles after a rain. Together.

#2: Be involved. Get in the game. Go jump on the trampoline in the backyard. Play hide and seek. Have the kids get involved in your business (I used to pay my kids 5 cents for every mailer they stamped and put together for my direct marketing business. They became busy beavers.) Teach them how to help you with the housework and give them the responsibility to do it. Then, don’t correct it when they don’t do it to your standard.

#3: Be you. Kids love real Moms. They’re not interested in the TV Moms or having a perfect Mom. They don’t really care if you do it all right at all. They’ll take the unbalanced meal and the disorganized house anyday. Kids have amazingly low standards.

They simply want you. Be silly, be involved, be you.


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