The Loveliest Gift You Can Ever Give

The last 3 months of the year create a flurry of activity in our home because everyone has a birthday except me (that includes my husband, my son and 2 daughters). Then you add in 3 holidays…Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve, 2 anniversaries, my grandson’s birthday (which I think should be declared a national holiday) and my nephew’s birthday, you seemingly go from event to event needing a gift.

Everyone says they want money. I rarely give money unless I know someone has a big goal they’re working toward. Everyone wants gift cards. They never remember who gave them to them and there’s an estimated billion dollar+ in gift cards that go unused each year. No, I want to give the person something they’ll really LOVE.

What that requires is something many of us can’t seem to muster: really knowing the person. You have to know what they love, what they hate, what amount of time they have available. You might even need to know their favorite foods, their favorite candy and their favorite color. You have to dig deep to give truly lovely gifts.

Here’s my advice for the loveliest gift you can ever give. Give them a piece of yourself. A handwritten note. Something you created. Something you cooked or baked. Something you know will inspire them. An experience you know they’d never create for themself.

The 2nd loveliest gift you can ever give is this…something you know they’ll really use because you heard it came out of their mouth or you know them so well you could see them using or experiencing the item.

I’m giving my husband a tatoo for his birthday (his first and hopefully only), a self-portraiture photography class for my 23 year old daughter Kelsey called You Are Your Own Muse (, a lighted “Open” sign for my 26 year old daughter Candice who just opened her own salon called Millie B’s and a weight vest for my 21-year-old US Army college son Travis to use in working out. Rarely can the loveliest gifts be wrapped up with a bow on top.

Every single item is something I know they want. Love requires getting inside people’s skin and heads and uncovering their deepest wants and desires. It takes time.


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