Never Pay When You Can Get It For Free

Last Saturday my husband and I attended our 3rd college football game of the season. Our son attends the University of Central Missouri so we put on our red Mules T-shirts and headed for the game.

The tickets are a bargain: $10 each. You get an entire Saturday afternoon of entertainment, football, baton twirlers, contests, hot dogs and pop and most importantly people watching for less than $3/hour.

When we arrived, Dennis headed for the ticket stand. I headed to the front gate to wait for him. As I turned around, I watched Dennis put his billfold in his back pocket at the same time a nice lady was asking me if I’d like two FREE tickets. 3 seconds earlier and we’d have been in for FREE, a savings of $20 bucks.

My point is…there’s free stuff everywhere. Check out the FREE category on Craigs list. You can’t believe the wacky and fun stuff you can get there. Yesterday I even heard a TV broadcast that says Japan is going to be giving away 10,000 FREE round-trip tickets to spur their tourism. (…/10/10000-free-round-trip-tickets-to-japan/) My son is actually getting paid to go to college. I’ll tell you how in an upcoming post.

FREE swirls around us. We just have to pay attention.


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