How To Sustain Your Momentum When the Debt Never Seems To End

As we were whirling around selling off everything we owned to clear our debt as quickly as possible, we felt some degree of momentum. We kept selling properties, kept downsizing our home(s)4 times, kept selling personal possessions and literally kept moving. We were emotionally exhausted. We were tired. But we could see progress, tiny as it seemed at times.

Then we got to the point where we’d sold almost everything. Things began to feel futile again. We fought judgments and lawsuits. We watched our credit score go to virtually nothing. It felt like we were puttering out. That we’d never get out of debt. How were we going to get entirely out of debt (from our original $2.4 million) at this pace.

What could we do?

If you’re in debt, you know how we feel. Like there’s an enormous elephant sitting on your life that you can’t get out from under. That the hope and dreams you’ve always had will never appear again. Even a sunny day seems partly cloudy when you’re in debt.

We reassessed. We counted up what we owed again. Dennis had a motorcycle accident and we added another $7,000 in medical bills back to the original total.

What steps could we take?

There’s only 2 ways to get out of debt and that’s:
#1: Increase income
#2: Reduce the debt

As Dave Ramsey says, you’ve got to run like a gazelle when you’re in debt. The lions are out to get you. So we buckled back down and dug in.

Sustaining momentum isn’t possible unless you’re doing one of these two things. We live in the greatest free enterprise system on the planet. There are no limits to our income, we simply had to figure out how to put together a viable plan for increasing it.

That’s the part we’re working on now. Never give up. Never give in. Your future is bright if you believe it.


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