94 Ways to Really Love Your Life

I turned 50 this past year 4th of July. I’ve been married 30 years, raised 3 incredible kids and lived in 15 different houses. I’ve had my fair share of struggles, of financial collapse, of strained relationships and of everyday life minutia. I’ve intentionally and deliberately set out to create a life I could truly love. Now there’s a term for it, it’s called lifestyle design.

When you create or design your own life, you become the CEO. Every decision rests on you, good or bad. Following are the most important ideas I could muster from my 5 decades on the planet. Some are silly, most are simply real.

1. Idleness is different than being still
2. Contentment comes from giving yourself away
3. Kisses are like batteries
4. You are the CEO of your own life
5. Not everything has to be said
6. Sin stinks
7. Men and women get their signals crossed often
8. Obstacles are really opportunities
9. Trust your instincts
10. Roast marshmallows
11. Power is perception
12. Unlovable people need love
13. Get people together
14. A big heart is better than a good mind
15. Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t make it right
16. A big heart is better than a good mind
17. Naps recharge
18. Nothing is what it seems
19. Read something new every day
20. Don’t do life alone
21. Babies are God’s new crop
22. Time can’t be managed
23. Take action
24. There’s always room for one more
25. Barbie is made of plastic
26. Marriage matters
27. Wear socks
28. Saying “I’m sorry” won’t kill you
29. Funerals are new beginnings
30. Food is fun
31. Love who you really are
32. Procrastination doesn’t make you bad
33. Ponder life
34. Normal is relative
35. Every child needs a farm to play at
36. Feet usually stink
37. Creativity is color full
38. Flannel nightgowns may not look great but they feel phenomenal
39. Shopping IS therapy
40. It’s okay to sing off key
41. Christ lives in us, not above us
42. Get in the game
43. Imagine peace
44. Bubble gum rocks
45. Love someone every single day
46. Notice details
47. Make Heaven your goal
48. Pride is false humility
49. Goosebumps are good
50. Be present
51. Standing for something requires courage
52. Kids count
53. Failure isn’t fatal
54. Your life will be as full as or empty as you make it
55. Children aren’t as resilient as you think
56. No family is ‘normal’
57. A scholar is simply a lifelong student
58. Sparkles make people smile
59. Follow your gut
60. Nothing matters more than how you make people feel
61. Grandbabies are a second chance at love
62. Lycro sucks it in
63. Wrinkles are as inevitable as breathing
64. Family is not always blood
65. Laughter heals
66. Every person is a VIP
67. Peroxide heals most boo-boo’s
68. Giving is ten times better than getting
69. Sleep is the best medicine
70. Listen to your soul
71. Make chocolate chip cookies frequently
72. Love with your whole heart
73. People will let you down
74. If you need someone’s attention, whisper
75. Never do life alone
76. The Bible has all the answers
77. Give
78. Camping will make you feel like a kid again
79. Work hard
80. Travel is the best education
81. Look up when you’re down
82. Meal loaf and mashed potatoes comfort
83. A rubber ducky in the tub will make you smile
84. Fluffy sounds better than fat
85. Money matters too much
86. Walk on the beach to clear your mind
87. Treasure your friends
88. Do more
89. Freedom has a price
90. Reach out
91. Turn off the phone as often as possible
92. Respect authority but ask questions
93. Education doesn’t make you smart
94. Be you

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