Do You Even Know How Much Money You Make?

When I was working as a corporate marketing director, I earned $36,000 a year. Back in the early 1990’s, I was making bank. Probably made double of what most working women were making and I was darn proud of it.

As I reflect on my old work life, I get sad. Because when I really dissect the data, I was almost paying them to come to work. That’s what happening with most Moms whether you know it or not. We’re juggling like mad and all we’re really playing with are our own lives.

Let’s look at my own personal numbers:

Income: $ 35,000

Taxes (25% bracket): $ 8,750
Day Care: $ 9,180
Commute/Gas/Auto: $ 1,300
Clothing: $ 2,400
Dinners Out: $ 3,900
Lunches Out: $ 1,820
Cokes: $ 500
Co-Worker Gifts/Pots: $ 250
Dry Cleaning: $ 400
Hair/Beauty/Make-Up $ 1,200
Total Expenses: $ 29,700

$35,000 grand less $29,700 equals $5,300! I was killing myself and making a mess of my life and my kids’ lives for less than $442 a month ($5,300/12). I was working at least 164 hours a month. That equates to around $2.70 an hour. Less than the minimum wage.

And yet I couldn’t see it. And neither can some of you. You’re simply shuffling money and people and debt and schedules assuming you’re making a living. You know it doesn’t feel like you’re making a living and here’s why…You’re NOT!

I recently interviewed a psychologist from Delaware who had twin girls and was earning around $83,000 a year. After we did the math on her earnings and subtracted her professional dues and her nanny and auto expenses and her taxes and all the other details that make up a working life…she was making $7 an hour and paying her nanny $14. She decided to make changes…pronto.

Do you even know what you make? Do the math. Look at the hard facts. They never lie.


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