What This Blog is NOT About

When I created EncouragementToGo, it was my intention to create something magical for women. A place you could go that would make you smile and spread a little love around your life. As I blog, I find myself pulled in a million different directions. Women ask me if I’m going to include fashion and style news. The answer is emphatically NO.

Oh, I might do a post about a certain piece of clothing or an insane style trend, but I’m not a fashionista and don’t profess to be. I love high heels and looking good but giving you information on how to look more beautiful from the outside isn’t my forte. I’m more interested on how beautiful you look from the inside.

There is an amazing site I visit often for style tips and that’s YouLookFab.com. The writer’s name is Angie Cox and she IS a fashionista. Go there. You’ll be impressed.


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