The Woman You’d Love to Hate

Robin Meade has the whitest teeth on the planet. She’s not a Mom and she doesn’t work at home. But she’s got something we can all learn from.

Whose Robin Meade? She’s the Morning Sunshine girl, anchor host of HLN’s morning show Morning Express. She’s cute as a button and perky to boot. You’ve love to hate her if you didn’t know more about her. She wears stylish clothes, is married to an awesome guy named Tim, hosts her own morning show in front of millions and has her own book.

What more do you really need to know to hate her?

I’m reading her book “Morning Sunshine!” which was a term of endearment from her Dad as she was growing up. What you would never know about this beautiful, accomplished woman is that she had such severe panic attacks on the air that she almost lost her career and her income.

Her book “Morning Sunshine!: How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too” is a bit of a personal autobiography and a bit of a tell-all about her struggles with self-esteem and anxiety attacks. After reading her book I want to be both her best friend and her cheerleader.

She is a testimony to the fact that you can struggle and not give up…that you can look beautiful on the outside and still be faltering on the inside. At one point she said she was in such good shape trying to stave off her anxiety attacks that she could’ve bounced a quarter off her butt.

Now that’s something to strive for.


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