The Man Who Did Something Most of Us Never Will

Steve Jobs died last week at the age of 56. He was the college dropout, the mysterious man who has been compared to Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein and Walt Disney. The Apple visionary.

He wore the same thing to work every day, a black turtleneck and blue jeans. He started his computer company in his garage. He had a wife and children that most of us never knew about.

Amazingly, he did something most of us will never do and that was live. He created products bigger than himself, something that will live on long after his death.

He left behind his 7 secrets of success…a manifesto of his personal secrets. The reality is…there are no secrets. These are the concepts they should be teaching in every classroom…for when you follow these principles, you’ll never work a day in your life.

His work was his life. It made him a rich man to the tune of several billion dollars. But what really made him rich was loving what he did.

Steve Jobs Secrets of Success:

#1: Do what you love
#2: Make a dent in the universe which means create a big bold vision for your life
#3: Keep things simple
#4: Create insanely amazing experiences
#5: Sell dreams, not products
#6: Master your message
#7: Kick start your brain.

Is 56 years to little? Perhaps. Or perhaps he’d fulfilled his divine destiny and it was time for him to go. None of us know the day we’ll expire. It’s time to get reinspired. To get out there and really live.


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