The Junk Mail I’d Been Waiting For

Most of the people I know detest junk mail. 10-11 of every 13 pieces of mail I get is junk. But today I received something we hadn’t gotten in years.

An application for a new credit card.

Since these are “Life After Debt Lessons,” you might think this is an insane post. Why should I be excited about this? Why should I care.

We stopped using credit cards over 5 years ago, or perhaps it was when the credit cards stopped letting us use them, I’m not sure. We haven’t had a credit card for over half a decade which makes renting a car extremely difficult. Our last trip to Key West, Florida included Dennis and I bicycling our way around the island, instead of driving around it.

The rental car companies said no. They wouldn’t use our debit card because we didn’t have an inordinate amount of available $$$’s on it that they could freeze. We used the creative approach and rented bikes. It was one of the highlights of our entire trip. (We did end up screaming at each other in frustration before we came up with the bike idea. I can’t lie.)

I called Dennis and told him we got a credit card offer. He wasn’t excited. We’d agreed to never have a credit card again, ever. I was excited because I believe it means our credit scores are improving.

I tore up the offer. Thanks but no thanks.


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