How To Get It All Together

For those of you looking for a quick fix for getting it all together, this is not it.

It took me 30 years, 15 moves, countless meltdowns and really getting to know myself to produce it. I raised 3 kids, housed 6 animals and a horse and graduated from matchy-matchy home decorator to eclectic home designer.

My girlfriend walked into my house last week and called it “cosmopolitan.” I’m not even sure of the exact meaning of that word but I liked it. I like the synonym meaning of cosmopolitan the best which means…sophisticated, worldly, urbane. My kids would laugh at someone attaching this label to my private space because they view me as disorganized, happy and comfy.

Getting it all together for me means this…simplifying so you can breathe. Decluttering the junk and the duplicates and the no longer needed. This last move created that for me. I wake up in my bedroom and feel serene. I walk into my laundry room and feel happy. I sit on the couch in my living room and feel comfortable. My son comes home from college and comments on how good his sleep is.

Every room has a purpose. Every item has a place. I’m no longer drowning in stuff. The simplification has shown up not only in my house…but in my life. I’m focused. More aware. Less anxious. Relaxed.

You don’t have to move to get it all together. Perhaps it won’t take you 30 years. You simply have to decide what deserves your attention and what doesn’t. Give the junk away. Sell some of the treasures. Streamline. Leave room for what life has to bring you next.

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